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Introducing the AWS Media Asset Preparation System

AWS Media Asset Preparation System (MAPS) UI

AWS Media Asset Preparation System (MAPS) UI

The AWS Media Asset Preparation System (MAPS) deployment on AWS GitHub Samples facilitates the preparation and movement of media assets across AWS storage mediums such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon FSx. Anyone involved in preparing media for post-production workflows can upload and download media, search and filter assets, organize media into folders, preview media in the browser, and move media between Amazon S3 and Amazon FSx in preparation for downstream workflows. MAPS provides a simple user interface that can be accessed from the web browser and includes a set of foundational controls for interacting with the media to ensure that the experience is intuitive and not a burden to users. MAPS is meant to address pain points involving uploading content to AWS, media preparation, media movement, permissions, search, filtering, and delivery of content and is not meant to be a replacement for an asset management solution.

The deployment uses AWS Amplify to create the serverless backend and securely host the front end. Amplify allows customers to customize the entire application using the Amplify CLI and visualize front end changes using the Amplify CI/CD pipeline feature. The serverless backend consists of Amazon API Gateway, several AWS Lambda functions, an AWS AppSync API, Amazon SQS, and Amazon DynamoDB, all of which is managed using AWS CloudFormation and AWS Amplify.

MAPS can be connected to an existing Edit in the Cloud solution to assist in virtual production workflows where media needs to be hydrated to local Amazon EC2 storage from Amazon S3. To do so, right-click on the media assets in MAPS you want to copy to local storage and initiating a copy command. When you are done with the media, you can either upload newly created assets using the MAPS interface, or remove the assets in local storage to save on cost.

To get started with MAPS, visit the AWS Samples GitHub page and deploy the application and use our Getting Started Guide to begin preparing media.