Cloud Is Our Future

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Amazon Web Services

Enables you to build serverless applications with Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Fargate, and the rest of the AWS serverless services.

Microsoft Azure

Enables you to build serverless applications with Functions, API Gateway, CosmosDB, Event Hub, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Google Cloud Platform

Enables you to build serverless applications with Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore, and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

serverless microservices automation

Cloud News

From the blog

Azure trusted launch for Virtual Machines now in public preview

Azure offers trusted launch as a seamless way to bolster the security of Generation 2 VMs. Designed to protect against boot kits, rootkits, and kernel-level malware, trusted launch is comprised of secure boot, virtual trusted platform module (vTPM), and boot integrity monitoring.

Apply AI to your most critical business needs with new Azure AI capabilities

Tens of thousands of customers, such as Pepsi, Amway, Airbus, BBC, and Progressive Insurance are using Azure AI to deliver immersive customer experiences, identify new business opportunities, and drive impact. As more organizations use AI in their production workloads, they have an increased need for secure, scalable, and responsible AI development. Today we’re announcing new…