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AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam Preparation

AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies is the first exam to become an Azure Architect. If you’re aspiring to become an Azure Architect, follow this comprehensive guide and start your AZ-303 exam preparation!

There is no way that anyone could question the credibility of Microsoft in the world of IT. The venture of Microsoft in the field of cloud computing has been exceptionally successful with Azure. Microsoft Azure is one of the top three players in the world of cloud computing. Most important of all, Microsoft Azure certifications are credible instruments for establishing a long term career in different cloud-based job roles.

Microsoft Azure certifications are reliable due to the frequent changes in Microsoft’s certification model to cover the new Microsoft Azure technologies and services. If you are looking for reliable sources for the AZ-303 exam preparation, then you might have made a decision to pursue a career in cloud computing related to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Interestingly, you’ve arrived at the right place to know all about the AZ-303 certification exam.

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The following discussion would dive into important details about the AZ-303 certification exam. Aspiring candidates can use the information presented here to understand the basic format of the exam. In addition, candidates can learn about the ideal target audience for the exam alongside the professional roles they can take on after qualifying the AZ-303 certification exam.

Most important of all, the certification exam would also outline the exam objectives clearly with the weighting of each domain. Finally, the discussion would point out the critical steps candidates should follow in the ideal preparation guide for AZ-303 exam.

AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification Exam

Prior to starting your AZ-303 exam preparation, it is important to know that the AZ-303 exam aims to test the skills and expertise of candidates as Azure Solutions Architects. The exam is not yet available, and candidates can find it on or around June 29, 2020. The AZ-303 would replace the existing AZ-300 exam and will be available in a 90-day phased release schedule before the retirement of AZ-300.

As you can see, the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam is ideal for a target audience of Azure Solutions Architects. The audience for this exam should have aspirations for a career that involves advising stakeholders and translation of business requirements into cloud solutions having higher security, reliability, and scalability. The exam would comprehensively test the abilities of candidates in the areas of Azure Development, Azure Administration, and DevOps.

Candidates will have to fulfill the following roles as an Azure Solutions Architect after qualifying the AZ-303 certification.

  • In-depth knowledge and experience in IT operations such as networking, security, disaster recovery, governance, identity, business continuity, budgeting, and data platform operations.
  • Most important of all, candidates have to supervise and manage the impact of decisions in each area of IT operations on the performance of the overall solution.

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Requirements for the Exam

In addition, candidates aspiring for the AZ-303 exam preparation should also take note of the important requirements for the exam.

  • Candidates should have expertise in Azure Administration, along with experience in DevOps processes and Azure development processes.
  • Furthermore, candidates should also have expert skills in at least one of the above-mentioned areas.

The format of the exam is not yet available in any official source. However, candidates can expect performance-based questions that focus on real technical scenarios associated with the jobs of Azure Solutions Architects. The exam would be available in English for the beta version until the exam achieves general availability. The registration cost for the AZ-303 exam will be $165 USD. Awareness of these basic precedents of the exam can help candidates approach their preparations with confidence.

Domains Covered in the AZ-303 Certification Exam

The most critical piece of information for aspiring candidates to start Azure AZ-303 certification exam preparation refers to exam objectives. Awareness of the domains covered in the AZ-303 exam can help candidates in identifying the topics they should study for the exam. The domains in the exam actually reflect on the abilities that the AZ-303 exam tests. Here are the domains covered in the AZ-303 certification exam.

  • Implementation and monitoring of Azure infrastructure.
  • Implementation, management, and security of security solutions.
  • Implementation of solutions for apps.
  • Implementation and management of data platforms.

The AZ-303 exam preparation of a candidate can improve considerably with further investigation into the subtopics in each domain. Furthermore, the weighting of each domain also matters significantly for supporting the preparation of candidates for the AZ-303 certification exam. How? Candidates can know how many questions in the exam they can expect from each domain with the weighting. Here is an outline of the subtopics in each domain of the AZ-303 exam, along with the weighting.

Domain 1: Implementation and Monitoring an Azure infrastructure

The first domain of the AZ-303 exam is highly crucial for your AZ-303 exam preparation efforts. This domain would account for almost half of the total questions in the AZ-303 certification exam. The weighting for this domain in the exam is 50% to 55%. Therefore, candidates have to focus considerably on the subtopics in this domain for their preparations for the AZ-303 certification exam. The subtopics covered in this domain are as follows.

  • Implementation of monitoring for cloud infrastructure.
  • Implementation of storage accounts.
  • Implementation of VMs for Windows and Linux.
  • Automation of resource deployment and configuration.
  • Implementation of virtual networking.
  • Implementation of Azure Active Directory.
  • Implementation and management of hybrid identities.

Domain 2: Implementation, Management, and Security of Solutions

The second domain of the AZ-303 exam also demands considerable attention from aspiring candidates for the AZ-303 exam preparation. The domain accounts for almost 25% to 30% of the total questions in the exam. Candidates can find the following subtopics in this domain of the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam.

  • Management of workloads in Azure.
  • Implementation of load balancing and network security.
  • Implementation and management of Azure governance solutions.
  • Management of application security.

Domain 3: Implementation of Solutions for Apps

This domain is also very important for the AZ-303 exam preparation of a candidate. The domain would account for almost 10% to 15% of questions in the exam. The subtopics covered in this domain are as follows.

  • Implementation of an application infrastructure.
  • Implementation of container-based applications.

Domain 4: Implementation and Management of Data Platforms

The final domain of the AZ-303 certification exam is also one of the crucial additions in any preparation guide for AZ-303 exam. Candidates can expect almost 10% to 15% of the total questions in the exam. The subtopics covered in this domain are as follows.

  • Implementation of NoSQL databases.
  • Implementation of Azure SQL databases.

After a clear observation of the exam domains in the AZ-303 certification exam, candidates could develop an ideal AZ-303 study guide for their preparations. Candidates can utilize the outline of exam domains to develop a preparation schedule allocating timeframes to each domain according to their weighting. Most important of all, knowledge of all subtopics in each domain helps aspiring candidates verify the extent of their confidence with each domain.

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Comprehensive Guide to Prepare for AZ-303 Certification Exam

The next important highlight in this discussion to help candidates with AZ-303 exam preparation is the step-by-step guide. Since the AZ-303 exam is not yet available, aspiring candidates can face difficulties in finding out the ideal preparation guide. However, candidates can follow the pointers mentioned here to ensure successful preparation for AZ-303 when it arrives.

1. Official Certification Page

The first course of action for any candidate in Azure AZ-303 certification exam preparation is to visit the official certification page. The official certification page is a clear indicator of all reliable details available about the exam till now. The foremost setback for the preparation of candidates for the AZ-303 exam is the confusion regarding official information about the exam.

However, the official certification page resolves these concerns effectively as you can receive updated information about the AZ-303 exam there. If you know about the exam well, then you have better chances of preparing effectively according to the exam objectives. Most important of all, candidates can also know about any new changes introduced in the exam from the certification page.

2. Official Learning Paths on Microsoft Learning Platform

The next important point of concern for aspiring candidates should be the selection of an ideal AZ-303 training course. The AZ-303 certification exam is not available yet, thereby creating issues in the availability of a training course. However, candidates should opt for the learning paths on the Microsoft Learning platform as a reliable instrument for their AZ-303 exam preparation.

Candidates can also find that there are no learning paths available for the AZ-303 exam yet. On the contrary, candidates can go for the learning paths recommended by Microsoft Learning for the AZ-303 certification exam. Here are the free learning paths that can help candidates cover their preparations for the AZ-303 exam efficiently.

  • Architect great solutions in Azure- 5 modules.
  • Architect network infrastructure in Azure- 12 modules.
  • Architect storage infrastructure in Azure- 9 modules.
  • Architect computes infrastructure in Azure- 9 modules.
  • Architect infrastructure operations in Azure- 5 modules.
  • Architect modern applications in Azure- 8 modules.
  • Architect API integration in Azure- 4 modules.
  • Architect migration, business continuity, and disaster recovery in Azure- 9 modules.

3. Official Microsoft Documentation is Highly Helpful

The significance of official Microsoft documentation for the AZ-303 exam preparation is also unquestionable. Candidates can explore a wide range of Microsoft whitepapers and scholarly journals and articles on the AZ-303 exam topics. These learning resources offer comprehensive and practical insights into the use of Microsoft Azure technologies and services for the architecture of cloud solutions. Candidates can get promising support in understanding the practical performance-based tasks they have to solve in the exam. Most important of all, candidates could find unique opportunities for diving deeper into the implications of each subtopic.

4. Use Practice Tests to Your Advantage

The importance of practice tests in the AZ-303 exam preparation is also one of the details candidates should note with attention. Clear observation of all exam topics and preparing for the AZ-303 exam in accordance with the AZ-303 study guide can make a candidate confident of taking the actual exam. However, it is also highly important for candidates to note the value of practice tests. Why are practice tests important? Practice tests are a reliable instrument to test your level of preparation for each exam topic.

Most important of all, practice tests help you find out the areas of exam topics that are your weaknesses. Another important reason to go for practice tests in your preparation schedule for the AZ-303 certification exam is to achieve confidence. As you participate in practice tests frequently, you will gain familiarity with the exam’s format.

Furthermore, candidates can also develop new approaches for solving questions in the AZ-303 certification exam with practice tests. The most formidable benefit of the AZ-303 certification exam refers to the development of skills for time management. Subsequent practice in a simulated exam environment in practice tests can help candidates develop skills for completing all questions within the allotted timeframe.

5. Participate in Online Communities

Another promising pointer for candidates to improve their AZ-303 exam preparation is participation in online communities. Just like you, many other candidates are also aspiring for the AZ-303 certification to become an Azure Solutions Architect. You can join online study groups and community forums for discussing preparations for the AZ-303 exam. These platforms are the ideal sources to discover new insights regarding methods to prepare for the AZ-303 exam. Especially when you don’t have any official resources to prepare for the AZ-303 exam, these platforms can be a saving grace.

6. Salary of Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The next important detail in the preparation of a candidate for the AZ-303 certification exam is Microsoft Certified Azure Architect salary. The salary of a Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect can be a promising motivation for candidates to advance their preparations. The average salary of a Solutions Architect with almost 5 to 9 years of experience is $122,500. On the other hand, the Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Salary for a professional with 10-19 years of experience would be $148,456.

Are You Ready to Prepare for the AZ-303 Certification Exam?

So, now you can approach your AZ-303 exam preparation with confidence and clarity. Subsequently, candidates should also focus on the importance of other significant concerns associated with the preparation journey. First of all, candidates have to deal with the uncertainty regarding the objectives of the exam. You have to keep your calm and rely on updates on the official certification page of the AZ-303 exam.

The other significant pointers that can help candidates in preparing for AZ-303 certification would be to maintain accountability for their preparations and take care of their health and diet. Most important of all, candidates should follow the recommended best practices by experts to ensure successful preparation. Start your journey of preparing for the AZ-303 exam right now and build your path to success right now!

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