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Whizlabs Announcement: Most-Affordable Annual Subscription Plan

Hello Whizlabs Community! We are very happy to announce the launch of our new yearly subscription plan to make our courses more accessible and affordable for you. Once subscribed for the Whizlabs annual subscription plan, one may get complete access to entire Whizlabs courses (online courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs) for one year without any terms or conditions.

Whizlabs has been a prominent name in the world of online training course provides for almost two decades. We started off in the year 2000, with the vision of crafting a unique platform that would provide aspiring technology professionals with the necessary learning resources to qualify for crucial job roles. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings across various disciplines, thereby providing diverse opportunities for our learners.

Enroll Now: Whizlabs Yearly Subscription Plan

Whizlabs Annual Subscription Plan

With a proven record of helping over 3 million technology professionals achieve their dreams, we have become a name to reckon with in the online certification training industry. Our certification training courses for Cloud Computing, DevOps, Java,  Linux, Big Data, and many other disciplines serve as prolific learning resources.

In addition, we have also introduced hands-on labs and practice tests for specific training courses. Learners could also access standalone practice tests for testing their knowledge in a particular specialization. Now, you have to opportunity to access our treasure trove of learning with the most affordable Whizlabs annual subscription plan.

Features of the New Whizlabs Annual Subscription Plan

Let us point out what exactly lies in store for you with the new Whizlabs subscription plan. Here are the noticeable features in our new yearly subscription plan that may interest you.

  • Complete validity of the plan for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • Access to all the online courses on Whizlabs platform
  • Yearly access to all the practice tests we offer
  • Annual access to the hands-on labs
  • Easily accessible on iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices
  • Assurance of premium support from our experts

Are you wondering how these features will benefit you, and what price you will be paying for them? The new Whizlabs Annual Subscription Plan is priced at just $99 USD!

Benefits of Whizlabs Yearly Subscription

You get unlimited access to practically every learning resource, including online training courses, practice tests, and hands-on labs on Whizlabs at just $99. So, what benefits could this Whizlabs yearly subscription plan could bring to you. Let us elaborate further on the benefits of our new subscription plan and why you need it.

  • Convenient and Continuous

First of all, the yearly subscription plan could help you learn from the convenience of your home in the present times. As all the learning resources are available online, you can continuously learn at your own pace whenever and from wherever you want. So, just relax at home and at the same time, build up your skills in your desired areas of specialization. Therefore, you can use the new Whizlabs annual subscription plan to access the courses you want to learn, without going anywhere!

  • Perfect Tool for Time Management

With all the time at hand, you can definitely use our subscription plan in the best way possible by completing as many courses as you want. In addition, you have one year of access to practice tests and hands-on labs that are great alternatives for skill development. Aspiring certification candidates, as well as IT professionals, can use these learning resources for improvising their skills further.

Most important of all, you get online videos so you can set your own schedule for learning and professional development. You don’t have to go through the trouble of commuting to class. In addition, you don’t have to worry about missing classes, as you can access any lecture on any training course anytime with our subscription plan.

  • Economically Efficient

The next important benefit and the most critical reason for which the new Whizlabs subscription plan is the perfect pick is the cost. Along with the uncertainty of health safety, economic uncertainty is also one of the prominent concerns in the present times.

We have come up with a cost-effective solution that would barely cost you $9 a month for access to a massive assortment of learning resources.

So, you can easily access many helpful and high-quality learning materials at a very cost-effective price. Students could save a lot with this subscription plan while IT professionals can find an efficient way to manage their budgets and career development aspirations.

  • Diverse Opportunities for Learning

At Whizlabs, you get access to a wide variety of courses, thereby leaving you with multiple opportunities to learn. The Whizlabs annual subscription plan lets you explore various disciplines as well as reliable guidance for selecting ideal courses according to your interests and requirements.

The term ‘unlimited’ in our subscription plan stands true to the claim as learners can access each and every resource seamlessly, including practice tests and AWS hands-on labs. The detailed information about the content of our online courses would also make it easier to navigate through all courses on offer.

  • Premium Support for Seamless Learning

The assurance of premium support with the subscription plan is also another promising highlight for our learners. You are bound to come across some doubts while learning with our online courses. However, we aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience to all our learners.

So, our new yearly subscription plan has helped us improve our support services by including subject matter experts in the support team. Now, you don’t have to face any issues regarding clarification of your doubts. In addition, the assurance of premium support makes sure that you can complete every training course without any obstacles.

  • Applicable for Businesses Too

The final yet most crucial reason to opt for our new subscription plan is the facility of a business account. With the business or team account, with each team containing at least 5 users, one can avail Whizlabs yearly subscription plan. This is a promising alternative for enterprises to ensure skill development and training of employees.

Want to know more about the Whizlabs subscription plan? Join our Whizlabs Forum and get answer to all of your questions from our experts.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

So, with all the benefits mentioned above, we can surely say that the Whizlabs annual subscription plan is a keeper. You get the benefits of convenience, easy schedule, premium support, unlimited courses, unlimited practice tests, and unlimited hands-on labs. If you think for a moment, all of these, at a price of $99, definitely sounds unreal!

However, we have brought the ‘unreal’ for you to achieve your dreams and turn them into a successful reality. Use our subscription plan for discovering and improving new skillsets for achieving your career aspirations. Make the decision right now and subscribe to the Whizlabs subscription plan.

Put in the effort for a bright career in the field of your choice!

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